"I can't begin to say enough about Greg. He is a great music educator and has helped me develop my skills in music, specifically with the trombone. He is creative in his techniques and the most effective teacher I've met."

—Benjamin Burkhart, trombonist

"I've been taking composition and theory lessons from Greg since I was 5 years old. Over a decade later, I'm still thoroughly enjoying them, and I feel I have grown tremendously as I have studied with him. His teaching style is amazing. I am mostly guided forward based on what I do on my own. I've largely learned what I know by example (listening to a lot of classical music) and by repeatedly practicing new topics with experimental compositions, which I can bounce off of Greg for helpful feedback. This freedom has allowed me to really develop my own musical voice. He is also very knowledgeable in a wide range of fields, from computers to history, and can often find ways to connect the current music theory topic to another field. Greg is also an excellent pianist and accompanist. He has accompanied me on almost all the performances and competitions I have done so far. Greg is a very nice person and a joy to learn with. I highly recommend him as a teacher, composer, and pianist."

—Sean Brown, composer & violinist